The Look & Feel of Age & Time


Years in the making, we set our sights on developing a beautiful product geared towards anyone & everyone looking to beautify their space, regardless of skill or experience.

We knew early on, with so many wall cladding products on the market, we were going to have to aim high & achieve excellence on all levels:

- Aesthetics

- Intuitive Installation

- Resilience

- Affordability

- Sustainability

Over time, our vision prevailed through trial & error and research & development - our mission to create a superior product was accomplished, and TIMBER|board was born.


Using a combination of hand-applied processes, we are able to achieve a variety of genuine, natural styles. Our processes are unique in that they replicate the natural aging process instead of using harsh dyes, stains or chemicals that simply mimic tones and colors. In addition to the beautifully natural tonality of our wood boards, we also further enhance the overall aged appearance and appeal using methods that closely mimic the feel and texture of aged wood.


Our wood boards are milled with a tongue-and-groove pattern, which not only increases the ease of installation by simply guiding board placement, but this style of cladding ensures the avoidance of gaps between planks while also providing fuller coverage. Because our boards are ultra-lightweight, there's no heavy lifting or power tools required in order to secure TIMBER|board Wall Cladding to your wall. While there are peel-and-stick competitors offering these same advantages, you will find our product much more forgiving in terms of finalizing placement, resulting in much less waste due to installation errors.


Because TIMBER|board is crafted of Pacific Knotty Cedar, our wall cladding is naturally durable and resistant to rot, decay and insect attacks. It also resists moisture absorption, so it tends to last longer, needs less maintenance, and doesn't warp or split as easily as other woods.


Taking our time in the development of TIMBER|board allowed us to really delve into and adjust factors that unnecessarily raise the cost of production of truly beautiful wood wall cladding, while still providing an exceptional, hand-crafted product at prices that undercut our competitors without foregoing beauty & style. 


We proudly source our wood from sustainable, responsible & domestic sources right here in the USA.